Audition Statistics & Acceptance Info!

Please check out the Acceptance Information Page for details. Since we are still waiting on some items (see below), directors should focus on ORDERING MUSIC, COMPLETING WAIVERS/ACCEPTANCE FORMS, REVIEWING THE DIRECTORS ACCEPTANCE INSTRCUTION DOCUMENT and SUBMITTING PAYMENT. See the Acceptance Information Page for details! Please note: Embassy Suites information is now available and we are […]

All State Jazz | Callback Practice Tracks

PDFs for Learning Excerpts – > Moonray (SSAA): Sunday Driver (SATB): Forever Blue (SATB): Thanks to Paul Falk!

Acceptance Information & Audition Statistics

Congratulations on having students accepted into the 2022 Colorado All State Choir! Be sure to check out the Acceptance Page for information.  You will need to order music for your students by visiting that choir’s webpage to order music. Audition statistics are provided below for your information.

Fall 2021 | Audition Registration Resources

Check out the following links to complete your Audition Registration! Audition Registration Form Page Next Steps: Finalize Registration (for Director’s Responsibility Form & CMEA Payment – See Below!) 1. Download & Print the Director Responsibility Form send to Kaitlin Miles.   Fall 2021 Director Responsibility Form   Scan and e-mail forms to Kaitlin Miles []  […]

2021-2022 Dates

The All State Choir Board is proud to announce our dates for ASC22! We will be hosting an in-person Colorado All State Choir January 20th-22nd, 2022. Our choirs will perform at the Buell and lodge at the Embassy Suites, just like our last in-person festival in 2020. Our Board is proud to secure these dates and […]