Please check out the Acceptance Information Page for details. Since we are still waiting on some items (see below), directors should focus on ORDERING MUSIC, COMPLETING WAIVERS/ACCEPTANCE FORMS, REVIEWING THE DIRECTORS ACCEPTANCE INSTRCUTION DOCUMENT and SUBMITTING PAYMENT. See the Acceptance Information Page for details!
Please note: Embassy Suites information is now available and we are still waiting for information from the Hyatt Regency, so be sure to check back for that ASAP!  While we will still be having our main stay and all rehearsals & meetings at the Embassy Suites, ASC is also contracting with the Hyatt Regency this year for overflow accommodations.  When hotel information is posted, please work directly with the hotel you book with. Reservations should be made directly through the Embassy Suites or Hyatt Regency using their forms and contact information.
We are also waiting for corrected rehearsal tracks, so those will be posted for each choir when they are available. 
We are hoping to release divisi information by November 30th. Divisi information will be placed with tracks on each choir’s webpage. 

Usually we wait for these items to be in place before sending out results, but we wanted to honor our goal of sending out results as soon as possible.  Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.  If you have not received results by Thanksgiving, please contact Kaitlin Miles. We hope to begin sending out results in the late afternoon on 11/17.