The online audition window opens November 1st. Directors have until November 15th to register and complete all audition components.

Online Instructions for Students

Online Instructions for Directors


Link to OpusEvent (for Directors Only)



STUDENTS: Remember that you are not allowed to wear headphones during your audition. You must record all elements of the audition, including the audio prompts. The audio prompts must be heard in the room that you are in while auditioning!

Note: Solo videos are limited to 100 MB in size. Click here for instructions to compress your video file before uploadingPlease make sure you are not identifying your school with the file name of your uploaded PDF. Rename your PDF file if necessary to NOT include your school name. 



NOTE: Google Chrome is the supported browser for Online Auditions. Other browsers may not function as intended. Students and directors should download Google Chrome (free for both PC and Mac) to complete the online audition process. Also  note  that  tablets/iPads/phones  are not  recommended  for  recording as  the  mic  may not  pickup  the  prompt  audio  coming  out  of  the  speakers.  Students  should  complete  a TEST for  each  section  to ensure  their  mic  is  able  to  record  the  sound  coming  out  of  their  speakers.  Students  may  need  to  ensure  that  background/noise  cancellation  features  are not enabled on their microphone. Click here for an article that may help, but students  may  need  to  use  a different  device  if  needed.