All State Choir expects you to be prepared. Preparation means complete memorization of each and every piece of music.

Please read the following document carefully, as 2nd Audition protocols have changed! All singers and directors will be held accountable to the new format.

Once you arrive at the King Center, directors proceed to the check in table to grab your school’s 2nd Audition cards. Each card has your student’s name printed on it and must be presented to the 2nd Audition Judge. Do not lose your card.

Singers, you can practice in the holding rooms until you are called. Leave all personal belongings with your director (INCLUDING your music!). Once you are in line for 2nd Auditions, you may not trade places with other students. You may not sing for a judge you know. If you end up paired with a judge you know, please let an MSU Volunteer know and we will move you to another room.

Only ASC Board Members and 2nd Audition Judges will be allowed in the 2nd Audition hallways. Please plan on staying in the holding rooms or main hall.

Once in your audition room, we will have a copy of the music excerpt for you. You will be asked to glance at the music (no more than 10 seconds), close the music, and sing along with the balanced ASC Practice Track for that song. Each student will be asked to sing a portion of 2 pieces, and the judges will rotate the songs each time. If you are struggling, your judge may ask to hear a 3rd piece of music.

Judges will check your divisi, so make sure you check which part to sing at
If you learned the wrong part you will be sent home. 

1st Attempt

We should ALL pass the FIRST time

If you failed, you have only one hour to study with your director. You must be in the 2nd Attempt line before practice time is up.


2nd Attempt

You will sing for Melanie Reiff. You may not sing for any other judge. 

If you failed, you have one hour to study with your director. However, keep in mind that ALL auditions need to be completed by 4:30pm. That may shorten your practice time. 


3rd Attempt

You will sing for Will Taylor and Stacy Miller. We may pick any spot in the music to test your memorization. Trust us, you want to practice rather than end up here.

All auditions must be completed by 4:30pm. 


Students, we need your help to keep the afternoon flowing. If you are having anxiety or nerves in the judge’s room, we will ask you to find your director to help you calm down. 

2nd Auditions uphold the high standards that COASC is known for. Please be prepared.