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  1. Dawn Arthur


    Let me tell you a story…Today I picked up my youngest son, grabbed a bite to eat and headed downtown for a once in a lifetime experience. I was going to see my oldest son in a Balcony Sing with the Allstate Choir. We raced downtown, found our prepaid parking spot and started around the corner to the Embassy Suites when I got a,text from my son stating they were done and I had missed it. The director decided to start 10 minutes early. I am wondering why in the world you would post start times and then not honor them? Why would your director do that? I am one of about 30 parents that arrived at 6 only to see the choirs departing from the balconies. My son and I are both very sad and I am irritated that a director would not honor posted start times. Do you know how hard it is to get into downtown, park and walk to your destination? Please please please in the future do not start early, as many are counting on performances to be on time. This is a great privilege for all of us, parents, kids and directors. As parents we support and love our children through all the auditions, rehearsals and performances….please think of others before making a decision like starting a performance before the announced and posted times. Thank you

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